5 apps to download this Ramadhan

There are plenty of apps that will help you through the month, from planning personal goals to increasing your knowledge – here are the best ones to check out.



This app is perfect for having easy and quick access to Qur’an readings and recitations.

The iQuran translates verses into many different languages and fonts and background can be customised.

Audio control is also available so you can play back verses and easily memorise them.

Athan Pro

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This app calculates the times you should be praying.

It uses your geographical location so you know you’re always praying at exactly the right time.

Ramadan Legacy

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Ramadan Legacy is an online journal to help you through the holy month.

It will help you stay organised and plan your personal goals.

You can also share photographs and reflections in your social stream.

Dustor Al Ummah

Dustor Al Ummah is a unique app that explains the rules for Muslims living in an Islamic Society under a proper Caliphate.

It presents the Islamic rules in the form of a constitution for ruling, economic, social and education sytsems.

It has all the evidences to backup the proposed constitution.

Qur’an Companion

The Qur’an Companion is a smart tool to help you memorise the Qur’an.

It helps you memorise the Qur’an at your own pace with plenty of features including the most important “repeat” feature.

It aslo has other fun and sharing features.


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