About Us

KJ is an abbreviation for Kinetic Journalism and we are an online explainer journalism media company. Our content focuses on the ‘How and Why’ as opposed to the ‘Who, What, When, and Where.’ We attempt to get behind the news to give the reader background information about a story to ensure that they are able to properly understand events as they unfold. We live in a busy world and there’s too much going on. Our researchers candidly shepherd audiences through politics, history, science, technology and everything else that matters. We then present this information in short, succinct video articles. Watching one of our videos will provide you with the key information about the subject matter. You don’t need to have any previous knowledge of the issue to gain a better understanding of the topic.

A thumbnail of our mini-documentary series on the rise of China
In our first 12 months, we generated over 57,000,000 video views on Facebook from over 40 different countries and have produced over 300 videos. Our signature video articles are increasingly popular and are generating interest in topics for people, that they may never have been interested in before.
In addition to this, we spend a lot of time engaging with our fans and ensure that 100% of messages we receive on Facebook are responded to. Our popular suggestion tool has allowed our fans to contribute to dozens of our videos thus our platform doesn’t simply push content but collaborates with our followers to plan content.
We also have our very own content upload functionality which allows our users to share their pictures, videos and articles. You can check out this functionality on kjvids.co.uk KJ Vids is a private company and generates revenues through advertising and video editing services. If you are interested in any of these services, please email info@kjvids.co.uk for more information.