Actor mistaken for terrorist after rehearsing lines on train in France

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Read original article on The Journal or read some of the key points below;

  1. AN ACTOR WHO was rehearsing in the toilet of a French train was quizzed by police as a possible terrorist threat after a guard overheard the words “weapon” and “gun”, transport authorities have said.
  2. The 35-year-old had shut himself away in a toilet to rehearse his lines for an English-language stage role.
  3. A passing train guard who overheard his soliloquy raised the alarm – telling his bosses there was someone talking about weaponry.
  4. The high-speed train, en route to Paris from Marseille, made an unscheduled stop in the city of Valence where security forces took the man for questioning at a police station.
  5. He was later released without charge.


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