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Understanding ERDOĞAN’S POLITICS | KJ Vids

Support KJ Vids on Patreon OR Make a one-time donation on Fund My Page In June 2018, Turkey’s President Erdogan claimed victory in presidential and parliamentary elections, securing five more years in office. Despite concerns about the economy and a plunging Lira, Erdogan won 53% of the vote with over 90% of ballot […]

The Global REFUGEE CRISIS explained

Support KJ Vids on Patreon OR Make a one-time donation on Fund My Page Today, we are witnessing a massive shift of humanity unlike any seen before. Today more than 68 million people around the world are displaced from their homes. VIDEO – This is the same as everyone in the U.K. fleeing […]

Gunmen have opened fire outside a mosque in France, injuring eight

Eight people have been injured after gunmen reportedly opened fire outside a mosque in southeast France. Worshippers were leaving the Arrahma mosque in Avignon, Provence, at about 10.30pm on Sunday night when two “hood men” pulled up in a car and got out. Police said the gunmen started shooting, injuring four people at the scene, LaProvence newspaper […]

Will JAPAN and RUSSIA make PEACE? – KJ Vids

For more than 70 years, Russia and Japan have been at loggerheads over Pacific islands on the edge of the Sea of Okhostk known as the Kuril islands. The long-standing dispute dates back to WWII when the Soviet Union seized the islands, expelling all 17,000 Japanese residents. Japan’s official position is that the islands are […]