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Will France remain a great power?

In recent years, France’s geopolitical environment has dramatically deteriorated. With the rise of populism in all corners of the Western world from the Brexit vote to the election of Donald Trump, the migration crisis in Europe as a result of the Arab Spring, the Libya and Syria crisis have created an atmosphere of insecurity . […]

Pakistan Soldier on Burma: “Give us the orders, we are ready for war”

Pakistan soldier on Burma: “Give us the orders, we are ready for war” We found this video on Facebook – A Pakistani soldier explains that Pakistan is ready to rescue Muslims of Kashmir and Burma and that the only thing that is stopping them is orders from their cheif. He says that his army […]

The Geopolitics of Kashmir

China, India and Pakistan, all three of which are nuclear states, have vital strategic interests in Kashmir. Kashmir shares borders with Afghanistan, a country where South Asia meets Central Asia. Central Asia is a geographic bridge between Europe and other parts of Asia. Kashmir is a vital geographic component to China’s Belt and Road Initiative […]

Putin follows Trump with his own Saudi Arabia meeting

Read original article by Joel Gehrke on the Washington Examiner or read some of the key points below; “Russian President Vladimir Putin wasted no time in meeting with Saudi Arabian officials, just days after President Trump’s visit to Riyadh for his first foreign trip.” “Putin and Saudi Arabian Defense Minister Mohammad bin Salman Al Saud exchanged compliments […]

Will Germany and Russia create an alliance?

Germany’s relations with Moscow have always been, and remain, one of its central strategic challenges. Yet views on how to deal with the country have historically remained split. To temper Russia’s advancement in Europe, pressures Germany feel now have led to both an alliance and conflict with Russia in the past. Are we seeing the […]

Geopolitical Strengths of Pakistan – Urdu Version

Pakistan occupies important tracts of land and is naturally couched in strategic geography. It has a repository of extremely diverse physical contours extending for miles on end giving it a unique advantage. Pakistan is bounded on the north by the Himalaya Mountains that stretch across the border of India and China. The mountains are full […]

The Geopolitics of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has an estimated population of 32 million, the 40th largest in the world and 6th largest in the Arab world. Its territory is roughly the size of Turkey, France, Germany and Japan put together. But much of this territory is desert. Saudi Arabia’s arable land per capita, according to the World Bank, is […]