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10 of the deadliest Hajj tragedies

There have been numerous stampedes and other deadly incidents during Hajj since 1975, killing thousands of pilgrims. We take a look at 10 of the deadliest incidents. 1.  December 1975 Fire A huge fire started by a gas canister exploding in a pilgrim camp close to Mecca kills 200 people. 2. December 1979 – Insurgency […]

1973 Chilean Coup D’état

Democratically elected in 1970, Chilean President Salvador Allende was pushing forward his “Chilean way to socialism” Land reforms and even free milk for children were being introduced The new Government also attempted to nationalise Chile’s lucrative copper mines which were mostly owned by US firms. The US firms were compensated much more than their book […]

5 Famous Military Coups

Since as far back as biblical times, coups d’état have been a common way of seizing power for those lacking suitable royal blood and democratic sensibilities. In contrast to revolutions, which are mass uprisings, they take place abruptly and involve only a small group of high-ranking, military-backed officials. From Napoleon to Pinochet, here are five […]

5 Muslim Inventions that changed the World

5 Muslim Inventions that changed the World

5 of the worst atrocities of the British Empire

5 of the worst atrocities of the British Empire 1. BOER CONCENTRATION CAMPS Armed Afrikaners on the veldt near Ladysmith during the second Boer War, circa 1900 During the Second Boer War (1899-1902), the British rounded up around a sixth of the Boer population – mainly women and children – and detained them in camps, […]

5 Weapons Used By The Ottomans

Yatagan The yatagan or yataghan is a type of Ottoman knife used from the mid-16th to late 19th centuries Yatagans consist of a single-edged slightly curved blade, 60-80CM Long with a bone or ivory hilt In Ottoman period, yatagans were made in all the major cities of the Ottoman Empire, particularly Constantinople, Bursa and Filibe […]

A Short History of Rohingya Muslims

A Short History of Rohingya Muslims The Rohingya, a people of South Asian origin, dwelled in an independent kingdom in Arakan, now known as Rakhine state in modern-day Myanmar. The Rohingya came into contact with Islam through Arab traders. Close ties were forged between Arakan and Bengal. In 1784, The Burman King Bodawpaya conquered Arakan […]