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‘Beaten’ Palestinian boy in viral photo to face charges

Read original article by Farah Najjar on Al Jazeerah or read below; A 16-year-old Palestinian boy, shown in a photo that has been roundly condemned as symbolising the Israeli army’s use of excessive force, has been accused of throwing stones at a group of armed Israeli soldiers. An image of Fawzi al-Junaidi, blindfolded and surrounded by […]

105 civilians killed by US air strikes in Mosul in March

Read original article by Emily Shugerman on the Independent or read they key statistics below; “A Pentagon investigation has found more than 100 civilians were killed in a US bombing in Mosul, Iraq, in March, making it one of the largest incidents of civilian death since the US air campaign against Isis began in 2014.” “The military reports […]

2013 Egypt Rabaa Massacre

Exactly four years ago, hundreds of Egyptian protesters were killed in Cairo’s Rabaa al-Adawiya Square when security forces violently dispersed a sit-in held to support ousted President Mohamed Morsi. Six weeks before the massacre, Morsi — Egypt’s first freely elected president and a leader of the now-banned Muslim Brotherhood — had been ousted and imprisoned […]

5 Reasons why Russia is in Syria | Russia’s Interests in Syria

The Syria war has now entered its 8th year with international and regional powers all trying to secure their interests. On 30 September 2015, Russia approved a request by President Putin to launch air strikes in Syria. Whilst there maybe other reasons, in this video, you will learn 5 geopolitical interests Russia has in Syria. […]