The Decline of the British Empire

For two centuries an Island twenty miles off the European mainland had acquired an empire spanning every continent. By 1900, it encompassed modern-day India, Pakistan, Burma, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, along with much of the African Continent. It exerted a strong influence, sometimes equivalent to de facto control, over Latin America, the […]

Muslim groups hit back at Ofsted claims of fundamentalism at UK schools

Amanda Spielman, chief of Ofsted, claimed that some community leaders had been attempting to inculcate ‘extremist ideology’ Armed British Transport Police officers patrol the Eurostar platforms at St Pancras railway station (AFP) Muslims groups criticised a warning by the head of England’s school inspection body for saying that religious fundamentalist groups were attempting to inflitrate […]

When the Ottoman Caliphate Saved Britain

From her accession to the throne in 1558, Queen Elizabeth began seeking diplomatic, commercial and military ties with Muslim rulers. In 1570, when it became clear that Protestant England would not return to the Catholic faith, the pope excommunicated Elizabeth and called for her to be stripped of her crown. Soon the might of Catholic […]

UK not breaking law by selling arms to Saudi Arabia

Read the original article by BBC NEWS or read some of the key points below; The UK Government is not breaking the law by continuing to sign off the sale of arms to Saudi Arabia, the High Court has ruled. The UN claims strikes on Houthi rebels caused thousands of civilian deaths. The Government said […]

Top 5 Muslim Responses in the Media

Top 5 Muslim Responses in the Media Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel Become a KJ Patreon so we can produce more and better content Sign up to our website and submit video suggestions: Like our Facebook page for exclusive updates: Follow us on Instagram for our one minute vids: […]

Finsbury Park terror suspect ‘developed hatred of Muslims after watching hit BBC grooming drama Three Girls’

According to a prosecution’s opening note, Darren Osbourne, the supected terrorist who ran over Muslims with his van developed ‘radical anti-Islamic views’ that apparently stemmed from the TV drama ‘Three Girls’, which was broadcast on BBC1 last month. The harrowing programme was based on the shocking true story of the young victims of the Rochdale […]