Poem – Farewell Ramadhan

Ramadhan Came,
Ramadhan Went,

Did we change?
Time will tell,

Isn’t it strange,
How quick it went,

We fasted and prayed,
And our sleep was re-arranged,

But did we change?
Time will tell.

What did we exchange,
For the long term range,

Just food and sleep?
How deranged!

Didn’t we hear,
About the infinite years,

Or were we unclear,
And immersed in our careers…

Don’t we fear,
How death is near?

Wasn’t Grenfell clear,
How one can immediately disappear!

This Ramadhan we shed so many tears,
Death and destruction is all we hear,

So many maimed and Muslims always blamed,
“Terrorism” is all they claim.

We are being framed,
And played in the condemnation game,

But we live and we learn and we must now aim,
For our narrative to be reclaimed.

It wasn’t us who sparked the flames,
For imperial gains,

Don’t be ashamed,
For the truth to be proclaimed,

Capitalism remains unblamed,
For the “War on Terror” it nicknamed,

Millions have died in vane,
Many remain maimed and chained,

It doesn’t take a genius brain,
To see that Muslims are being framed.

But we are now constrained,
And must be quickly trained.

The narrative must be reframed,
Be part of the change.

Victory is near,
And Insh’Allah soon we will have an Amir

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