The Geopolitics of Bangladesh

South Asia is a region of great significance in world politics. Geopolitically, the region plays a vital role in the world economy. Bangladesh is surrounded by India almost entirely on three sides except for a small but significant border with Myanmar. For India, Bangladesh’s location is a strategic wedge between mainland India and India’s North […]

The Top 5 Countries with the Highest Percentage of Underweight Children

Hunger is a worldwide problem, Hundreds die every hour from starvation, and the problem will not fade away anytime soon. In this video, we count down the top five Countries with the highest percentage of underweight children. Bangladesh Bangladesh’s population is large in 2015 the population was at a grand 161 million, and 36.8% of […]

Bangladesh exports medicines to 127 countries

Read original article on abnews24 or read some of the key points below; Bangladesh’s burgeoning drug industry, after meeting local demand, is exporting drugs and raw materials to 127 countries, the health minister has said. Mohammed Nasim, replying to questions tabled at the Parliament by MPs on Tuesday, said 98 percent of the Bangladesh’s local demand is […]

Bangladesh, Austria to boost cooperation in trade and investment

+ Read original article on bdnews24 or read some of the key points below; The decision was announced after a meeting between Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and Austrian Federal Chancellor Christian Kern on Tuesday. Hasina returned to Dhaka on Wednesday morning after her visit to Vienna, where she attended a conference of the International Atomic Energy Agency […]

Deadly Cyclone Mora hits Bangladesh in Pictures

A deadly Cyclone Mora has hit the south-eastern coast of Bangladesh, killing at least five people. Most of them were killed by falling trees in the districts of Cox’s Bazar and Rangamati, officials told the BBC. Hundreds of houses were fully or partly damaged, the officials said. Significant damage is reported in refugee camps housing […]