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The Story of Moazzam Begg

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Moazzam Begg is a British Muslim who was imprisoned as a terrorism suspect by the USA in Bagram and Guantanamo for 3 years without charge.

Since his release he has authored a book, appeared in award-winning films, written for newspapers and lectured on torture, anti-terror laws, imprisonment without trial, racism and anti-Muslim hatred.

As Outreach Director for advocacy group CAGE, he speaks on these issues based on his own experiences, research and investigation. CAGE helps “War on Terror” survivors to document and witness abuse, seek accountability and empower the Muslim community.

In the past, Moazzam went to conflict zones in Bosnia and Afghanistan in order to assist others and learn about the wider Muslim world

In 2012, following the ‘Arab spring’, he travelled to Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Syria to uncover US and UK complicity in torture.

In 2014, he was imprisoned again – following his return from Syria – pending terrorism charges in HMP Belmarsh as a Category-A prisoner. 8 months later all charges were dropped and the police declared Moazzam an “innocent man.”

Critics of CAGE and Moazzam have called them radicals and likened them to the Black Panthers whilst supporters say they “courageous” and “principled” Muslims unafraid to speak truth to power.

Moazzam’s work has featured regularly in the media, art galleries, museums,cinemas, theatres, mosques, churches, universities and schools.

Despite being an outspoke critic of US military adventures, he has repeatedly invited, welcomed and hosted his American former guardsmen from Guantanamo to his home.

He has met world leaders to seek resettlements for Guantanamo prisoners unable to return home for fear of persecution.

Despite his high profile, Moazzam has had his passport confiscated twice since 2005 – based on “secret evidence” and his banks accounts repeatedly closed without explanation

He has taken the British government to court for complicity in his torture – and won an out-of-settlement in his favour. He is in the process of doing so again regarding his last imprisonment. Despite repeated arrests and imprisonments by the US and UK Moazzam has never had his day in court.


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